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Count Down – Part Trois

February 10, 2012

A few months ago I wrote about a book I read called “Count Down” which related the story of a group of mathematics students and their journey to the Mathematics Olympiad. Today I had my own experience as our students from St Michaels University School went to the Math Challengers competition at Camosun College.

While there are many events that happened today I could focus on in this post I want to highlight two students who took a chance and went to the competition. These two students were reluctant to come. They are actually enrolled in the grade 7 class at school but went to this completion because they have an aptitude for mathematics. It could be said that it is their age that made them reluctant but I can not say this for sure. It could also be that attending a completion at a post secondary institution when you are in middle school is intimidating. To be honest the reason really does not matter. What matters is the look of excitement and joy that was on their faces after the first round. What matters is that they found a new aspect of mathematics they had not found before in quite the same way … the joy of solving a tough problem that they had not seen before.

To all the teachers and students who students who have not been to a math completion before but have a chance to go I encourage you to give it a try. What do you have to loose.

PS. To the students who came today, well done. To Mr. Williams, thanks for all of the hard work. To the people at Camosun who hosted the event you have my gratitude and that of the students.

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