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Tessellations and the iPhone

September 17, 2011

I am very proud of my son. This summer he started his own little business cutting lawns in the neighbourhood

with the intention of saving some money to buy a computer. After a lot of work and a lot of debate he decided to get an iPhone. I was happy with this decision although it will cost me for his monthly plan (a different post on that later).

This weekend we went to the Lower Mainland for a British Columbia Association of Mathematics Teachers executive meeting. On the way we stopped at IKEA. I had told my son that we were going to be working on tessellations and he offered to take some pictures to use in my classes.

I have posted a few of the pictures within this post but what I can not post is the conversations that he and I had about which patterns were, and were not, tessellations. It was a great activity to see how well he understood the concepts and as a result it is one that I think I will be using in my class as we start to move into tessellations in the coming weeks.

I must provide a bit of a disclaimer … my son is in grade 6 and tessellations is not in the BC curriculum until grade 8.I think this low stress fun way of doing a scavenger hunt was a great way for him to pass the time in IKEA and made the trip enjoyable for him. Much better than sitting in a chair and playing games or continuously asking when we are leaving. Mathematics is everywhere … you just need to look.

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