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Teacher Thanking a Teacher

May 4, 2011
Over the course of my career I have done many rewarding things. I have accomplished many things that people thought I couldn’t do. I have accomplished things I thought I couldn’t do.  I have taught some great students and watched them become better. I have taught some struggling students and watched them improve. I have seen “ah ha” moments which made me smile as much on the inside as the outside.
I have met some great educators who have inspired, motivated and challenged me. I have met educators who believed in me and made sure I knew it. All of these things have been wonderful and I loved everyone one of them.
The most rewarding thing I have ever done was to contact my grade 12 mathematics teacher and thank him. I did this the week I became the mathematics coordinator at the British Columbia Ministry of Education.  I thanked him for the things he did for me and the things he didn’t help me with as the help and the struggle were equally important.
The message came out of the blue for him and just happen to occur the year he was retiring. I feel very fortunate that I was able to contact him before he retired as I think I felt better saying thank you than he felt hearing it.
So I ask all educators out there … have you thanked a teacher who meant a lot to you?
What better gift can one educator give to another?
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